Company Profile

2019 Year

Established in

100 Million yuan

Registered capital

30 +

Entrepreneurship and exploration

Anhui Great New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019, with the registered capital of CNY 100 million. After more than 30 years of enterprising exploration in the field of rubber processing, Great has developed from the entrepreneurial phase to the continuous development phase. Great is a joint manufacturing and R&D base with new-generation international standards, funded and built by Anhui Ruibang Rubber Additives Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Yupeng Tyres Co., Ltd., and Anhui Jinma Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Now Great has the annual production capacity of 50,000-ton bio-based plasticizer, 30,000-ton Carbon Black, and 20,000-ton eco-friendly EvoZnO.
With the technical support by Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), Great has established the “Green Nanomaterials Joint R&D Center” in Beijing. The company takes the motto “No Future without Innovations” as its driving force, takes “Satisfying Customers’ Personalized Needs” as its responsibility, strives to realize the collective progressing, development, growth and win-win between “Customers, Employees and Enterprise”, and thus pushes forward the healthy development and continuous progress of the industry.
Anhui Great New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., with years of experience in the green rubber development and taking the Green Concept as the sustainable development foundation, will explore the needs for green rubber in the domestic and overseas market and strive to realize the energy conservation, emission reduction, efficiency improving, and products’ performances enhancement by incorporating core technologies and technological innovations.

Anhui Great