Talent Concept

Employees are the treasure of the company. It is the company’s duty to stimulate the employees’ potential, inspire their talents, help them realize self-fulfillment, promote their cohesion inside, and help them jointly grow with the company. We will create a favorable path for employees’ continuing education and career development, and have built a professional, high-quality, and competent team with diversified and inter-disciplinary backgrounds and excellent service abilities.

To Enhance Enterprise Devotions to Society; To Train More Professionals and Create More Jobs.

Strengthen Team Building of Professional Personnel; Optimize the Management and Manufacturing & Technical Personnel Structure; Scientific Incentive Mechanism to Build a Talent Team with Modern Enterprise Consciousness and Professional Abilities.

To Lead the Development with Technology, Continue to Deepen the University-Enterprise Cooperation; Improve the Qualified Personnel Tank to Enhance the Company’s Influence and Creativity. 

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