University-Enterprise Cooperation

About BUCT

Established in 1958, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) is a high-level university that aims to develop chemical talents at the cutting-edge of science and technology for New China. It is a national key university that is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education, and listed under the Project 211, Project 985 and First-Class Project of China.

Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials (Center) is affiliated to the College of Material Science and Engineering of BUCT. It is the Innovation Team of Changjiang Scholars and Innovation Team Development Program by Ministry of Education, one of the important research forces in the Rubber Science and Engineering field, and one of the important bases for developing high-level talents in this field in China. With the National Key Class of Material Science, the Center is the key constituent part of the National Key Lab of Organic and Inorganic Composite Materials, Beijing City Key Lab of Novel Macromolecular Materials Preparation and Processing, Key Lab of Carbon Fiber and Functional Macromolecular Materials of Ministry of Education, Beijing Lab of Biomedical Materials, and Lab of High-performance Thermoplastic Elastomer Engineering. The Center successively carried and finished many research programs well at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, including Project 973, Subject 973, National Science and Technology Support Program, Subject 863, Key Projects and International Cooperative Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, Major and Key Projects of Ministry of Education, Key Projects of Beijing City Natural Science Foundation, and other subjects offered at the provincial, ministerial or enterprise level.

Anhui Great

About the Project
Anhui Ruibang Rubber Additives Group Co., Ltd. (Ruibang) established a deep cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), and signed strategic cooperation framework agreement together in 2012. With the technical support provided by BUCT, and the product application support by domestic well-known tyre manufacturers such as Zhongce Rubber, Linglong Tyre, and Aeolus Tyre, we have built a R&D mechanism of Enterprises-Universities-Researches-Marketing. We have established a “Joint Green Nanomaterials R&D Center” in Beijing, forming a dual R&D mechanism both in the company and BUCT. The R&D center has advanced equipment, sophisticated techniques, and a highly educated R&D team with high competence and efficiency. With the orientation of focusing on the comprehensive utilization and sustainable development of green rubber additives and bio-based resources, and the guidance of the team chief scientist Professor Liqun Zhang, we have developed a series of international advanced products and technologies including bio-based silica, nano SiO2 dispersant, bio-based plasticizer, pyrolysis carbon black and EvoZnO.

Team Chief Scientist-Professor Liqun Zhang
Professor Liqun Zhang, a well-known expert in the rubber field both at home and abroad, Associate President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), Dean of College of Material Science and Engineering of BUCT, PhD Tutor, Chang Jiang Scholar Appointed Professor by Ministry of Education of China, the chief scientist of China 973 Project, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the head of the lab of “The Preparation and Processing of Novel Macromolecular Materials” of Beijing City College & University Key Laboratories, the head of the Energy-saving and Recycling Engineering Center of Elastomer Materials by the Ministry of Education, the associate head of the state key lab “Organic-Inorganic Composites”, the head of the innovation team of Chang Jiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, and the head of innovation team of the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

Research Field:
Science and Engineering of Rubber Materials, Polymer Nanocomposite Materials, Bio-based Macromolecular Materials, Polymer Processing Engineering, Recycling and Utilization of the Waste Rubber

Representative Scientific and Technological Awards:
National Technological Inventions Second Prize, 2 Items, 1st Prize Winner; National Science and Technology Progress Prize the 2nd Prize, 1 Item; Provincial or Ministerial Level Science & Technology Inventions or Progress Prize, 9 Items for the 1st Prize, and 6 Items for the 2nd Prize; World-leading-level Appraised Achievements, 5 Items; World-advanced-level Appraised Achievements, 18 Items.

Honors and Awards:
National Excellent Science & Technology Workers; Special Government Allowances of the State Council; The 9th China Youth Science and Technology Award; the Head of Distinguished Science & Technology Innovations of China Rubber Industry Association; the 18th Mao Yisheng Science & Technology Award; the Hou Debang Chemical Science & Technology Award of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China; Spark-Thomas Award of ACS Rubber Division (only one winner for each session); Asia Research Award from the Society of Chemical Engineering of Japan; Morand Lambla Award of Polymer Processing Society (only one winner for each session).

R&D Orientation
Our company will focus on the comprehensive resource utilization of bio-based raw materials, turning the waste into wealth. We will concentrate our efforts on the R&D and applications of the bio-based fiber nano technology, superfine bio-based silica, silicon microspheres, nano polishing liquid specially for chips, hyper-pure capacitance activated carbon, graphene specially for rubber, and other novel materials.

Anhui Great